Imagination is key

Everything we have around us, was once only in someones imagination.   Did you every consider this? Yes your imagination is where all original thought comes from.  Where crazy wild ideas are birthed and where your imagination can take flight.  If the Wright brothers did not believe in their imagination, […]

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Find us at top Craft Markets

We have been trading or selling at craft markets since 1991, first Grahamstown as Psychedelic Vision, then as The Kaleidoscope studio in Cape Town for 20 years and now here in Johannesburg as Colour Vision.   Find us at the New Red Shed Irene Market on the first and last […]

Frequencies and Colours

According to Dr. Robert O. Becker in his book “The Body Electric,” the human body has an electrical frequency and that much about a person’s health can be determined by it. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between any two points. Everything has frequency.” […]

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ADD and ADHD adult and children use kaleidoscopes

Do your or any of your children struggle to focus your mind one a single task?  Can you imagine been able to focus your mind in a relaxed and stress free way.  No? Then let me introduce you to our gemstone and crystal kaleidoscopes. These kaleidoscopes help you tap into […]

Africa Inspired kaleidoscopes

Our Africa styled kaleidoscope is great covered in fake fur. This is a great gift to give to someone one overseas who loves the big 5 and would like to have a kaleidoscope to remember there experience by looking through this magical scope of Africa.   We have a selection […]

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Looking for some fun school activities

Here at Colour Vision we offer pre primary and primary school children fun educational activities, kaleidoscope making workshops, kaleidoscope light experiences, puppet shows, puppet making workshops , hula hooping making workshops and hula hooping games day. Contact us to find out more  

Corporate Branded Kaleidoscopes

Corporate Kaleidoscopes are nothing new, in fact they are well known as corporate stress relievers internationally.  Discover the potential of these stress relievers today as a corporate branded idea.  Let your company stand out and support local small business. The beautiful symmetrical kaleidoscope patterns of light are like stained glass […]