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Get Creative, Be Inspired!

Successful Projects

From Corporate orders to uniquely designed kaleidoscopes are what we call fun projects.  Finding what suits you and making it fun is all part of what we call a successful project. Let us help you today!

Hard Work

For us, hard work is part of the creative innovative process of producing exactly what you need in order to have a stylish unique kaleidoscope.

Creative Ideas

Kaleidoscopes activate your imagination and inspire creativity, we should know, we been around long enough to see exactly how many creative ideas have unfolded since we started making kaleidoscopes back in the early 1990’s.

Our Beginning 

Colour Vision, was born in 2003 after successfully working and running The Kaleidoscope Studio in a business partnership based first in Grahamstown 1991 to 1996 and then in Cape Town, in a small village called Simons Town South Africa with Turid Bergstedt from 1996 to 2003.

It is our continued commitment and dedication to manufacturing and producing quality kaleidoscopes, using colour, crystals, recycled materials where possible. Other ranges include pvc, brass and copper scopes.

Kaleidoscopes are more than just a toy, discover this little-known fact for yourself, look through one and excite your eyes today. This optical instrument produces endless fascinating patterns based on the scientific principle of “reflected symmetry” and are the best known as stress relievers for the executives.

They make excellent corporate gifts and mind focusing tools for learners and school children, to help children study, by focusing the brain through the use of vibrations of light.

Who are we

Lara Evans is the owner and original founder member of Colour VISION which has been involved in researching both practically as inventions and organic fractalisation of light and colour.


Laila Simmonds has recently joined Lara in growing the business from a one-woman owned business to a partnership by providing marketing, sales and design skills that complement Lara Evans and Colour Vision as a whole.


According to Dr Jacob Lieberman, in his book “Light, the Medicine of the Future”, In certain parts of the world, a deficiency of sufficient Sunlight has been known to cause severe depression and even suicide. SAD or Seasonal – Deficient – Disorder, is treated with artificial ‘lightboxes’. Scientists and Drs alike are realising more and more the beneficial qualities of light. For example, light is used in brain and eye surgery. Blue light is used for premature babies to help the liver grow and on a more practical level, the food we eat is frozen light trapped inside a fruit or vegetable.


Over the years we have been privilege of working with amazing photographers and models, thank you for your support


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