Corporate Kaleidoscopes

Get Creative, Be Inspired!

In this the age of technology, we have come to devalue generic and machine-produced items and have come to appreciate even more what is made by hand, creative and original. You can never go wrong giving artistic one-of-a-kind products and Colour Vision kaleidoscopes as Corporate Gifts are extra special for those occasions when you want your gift to stand out and be enjoyed and remembered for a long time.
People love to receive gifts, as they are tangible proof that they are appreciated and recognized. The art of gift giving has long been a tradition in corporate and business environments. Good business relationships are built on strong personal relationships and can be key to business success.

Our kaleidoscopes make the perfect corporate gifts for employee appreciation, recognition awards, retirement gift, business client appreciation and relationship building

Kaleidoscopes are excellent stress relievers. The therapeutic value of the kaleidoscope images are well known in the past and has been rediscovered recently and this is why the kaleidoscope is more and more present on the work desk. Excellent for celebrating social family and business events, or simply as a uniquely beautiful handmade gift item. Our ranges of kaleidoscopes are particularly suitable for this purpose, with our high standards applied, to the optical quality and its original design distinguishes them as the perfect gift. Here are some our previously personalized orders.

Each scope is made from scratch, no part is imported, they are all covered in hardy handmade paper finish unless specified by your client’s needs or preferences, stylized with decorative pewter work on each end and varnished for a professional finish.

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