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This mirrored prism, also known as the ‘Teleidoscope’, Used by Persian rug designers and alike to inspire patterns, makes a wonderful corporate gift. The size of scope is 140mm  in length and is 30mm in height. You can look at anything up close creating fun dynamic patterns out of mundane everyday objects, turns your world into a kaleidoscope of patterns creating endless hours of fun. Inquire about soft or hard packaging for this option




Each kaleidoscope is made from scratch, no part is imported, and they are all covered in your branding with your unique decal, handmade paper, velvet or leather finish, all details are specified by your clients’ needs or preferences and stylised with decorative pewter work on each end and varnished or sealed for a professional finish. We can now create your own unique kaleidoscope design with our eco-friendly options made of cardboard or with a PVC design as Smarties did. See the next page for images





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