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Gem & Crystal Kaleidoscopes

Our most popular kaleidoscope design, unique to our handcrafting technique over time has ensured that, in a liquid gel, the image magnifies anything within the viewing chamber with endless gemstone designs slowly drifting through our crystal wands, with added glitter stars, bits of rare treasure. That transports you to ‘a geometric inner garden, a place that’s beautiful to look at, we call, The Galactic Light Liquid Motion Kaleidoscope. This specific range has been around since 1998.

The principle of design is in its “minimalist” shape on the exterior. Using, creative copper spiraling and glass and crystal tube with a liquid medicinal glycerine filled tube in the front, sealed with a glass marble but more often crystal balls.

Light variants can be adapted on and around our kaleidoscope design, as experience has shown with the various orders we have been able to achieve to date, by the initial two members of the cc having personally manufactured around 500 000.00 units meticulously by hand over the past 20 years.

 Kaleidoscope Product Range

Each Kaleidoscope shown here has been perfected over 20 years of working with the best quality materials, gemstones, handmade papers and solid silver solder, to bring you a product that is uniquely our design and of the highest standards, ensuring your kaleidoscope will last a very long time.

We have a wide range of unique styled kaleidoscopes for all occasions, from Corporate Gifts, Wedding gifts to birthday gifts for you to choose from. We also make up special kaleidoscopes of unique design if you are looking for something special.

The shops that stock our products mostly stock the Galactic Liquid Motion Kaleidoscopes, for any other products you would need to contact us directly unless otherwise stated.

Galactic Light Liquid Motion Kaleidoscopes / Gem and Crystal Kaleidoscopes

Our uniquely designed features on this kaleidoscope are; The copper spiral and copper bottom ring that hold the glass tube on the front. The glass tubes contain crystals, gemstones, stained glass and some other treasures to add sparkle to your viewing. The kaleidoscopes are mostly covered in a handmade paper finish, but we also use leather, fake fur, and pewter. Prices will differ with certain coverings.

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