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Our objective:

Our School program presents SKVA, skills, knowledge, values and attitudes for self-fulfilment and meaningful participation through the use of Kaleidoscopes and colour.

Our approach:

In our programme the Children get to experience colour in a whole new way, they get to see, smell and feel  colour.

Kaleidoscope Light Show and Dance in the Light (90 mins for approx. 30 children)

  • Start with an introduction to colour (the warm and cool spectrum) and a brief history of Kaleidoscopes.
  • They then watch a light show with a dancer in the kaleidoscopic light.
  • The children then get to take turns to see themselves in a mirror as they dance in the light
  • Discussion about imagination
  • Play The Imagination Activation Game
  • Here every child gets to sit on a chair in the image and watch themselves in the mirror and get lost as the kaleidoscope imagery changes the way they see themselves, this results in improved self-awareness and self-esteem, which aids the ability to focus on the task at hand.

Make your own Kaleidoscope Workshop:  (90mins for approx. 30 children)

Each child gets the opportunity to assemble their own kaleidoscope and take it home to use.

  • Choose their own glass colours and gemstones to fill the viewing chamber
  • Glue the 15 rings together in the right order to make the kaleidoscope in such a way that the chamber turns.
  • For the lower grades they slide in a pre-assembled mirrored prisms (higher grades can strap the mirrors together themselves)
  • Choose a paper covering and paper Mache it onto the now assembled kaleidoscope

We have various packages and would love the opportunity to customize a package for your school or subjects specific needs.

Our commitment:

  • To offer the students an experience of a lifetime, through our experiential based programs, which engage and inspire young minds to be creative and imaginative!

Educator’s benefits:

Teachers are constantly in need of new ways to keep learners interested and to make leaning fun. This initiative provides them with a fun and captivating way to learn about light and gain a better understanding of colour.

The beautiful kaleidoscope symmetrical patterns of light are like stained glass windows that focus the mind, activate the imagination and have a calming and de-stressing effect on the viewers.

We look forward to being of service to you and your team, and that we are able to give your learners and teachers an experience like no other that would harness the creativity and focus their energy towards goal attainment.

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