Past Presentations

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Here is a list of some of the Schools we have presented light shows and imagination activation workshops at over the years


Crawford Pre Primary, LoneHill, 2015

This kaleidoscope session has changed my life . My kids are so happy today thank you so awesome .Every mother and teacher’ s dream and such fun…- Michele Tania Joyce, 18 August 2014


St Vincent School for the Deaf, 2013


St. Cyprian’s School for Girls


Our Schools Pre PrimaryMuizenberg, Cape Town – Principle Beth


Vera School: School for Learners with Autism, 2009  


Honey Bees Montessori Nursery,  Cape Town  


Michael Oak Waldorf SchoolCape Town  


Wynburg Secondary school, Cape Town


Sax School (co-ed) – Open Day 2005  


 Springfield Convent for Girls

To Whom It May Concern: This March 2006, my grade 7 Natural Sciences classes were brought together for a light and kaleidoscope experience with Lara Evans. As I watched the learners express themselves. I was amazed at how they responded to the light. Each colour brought out something different in each child. The more light they were exposed to, the more they allowed themselves to play in the light. I was impressed at the short-term effect it had on the girls in my classes. They were energized, and there energy was focused. After the programme was over, I had one of the groups later on in the day, and I was amazed that some of them were still focused more than usual. I was impressed with the programme on light and kaleidoscope and hope to integrate it into my grade 9 lessons on light next year. – Nicole N Wallace : Senior School Physical and Natural Sciences, Springfield Convent for Girls



  St Cyprian’s School for Girls 2006 & 2009








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