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Small Colour sets:

The features comprise of our uniquely designed casing made from recycled paper, leather and any other specified material, the three specifically designed tubes/wands that are included in this set, are a warm and cool side of the colour spectrum separated. The warm spectrum increases the blood pressure and pulse rate, the cool spectrum does the opposite. The third tube/wand is the complete seven colours encompassing the full spectrum; its benefits include stimulating both the left and right hemisphere of the brain.

Here are samples of a few different small box sets to give you an idea of how each one is quite unique.


Large Colour set:

Comprising seven individual colour tubes/wands dedicated to individual colours and there related colour crystal/gem stones. The joy of having a tube dedicated to an individual colour is that one can feel and experience its beneficial qualities, just like the warm spectrum, red is known as the fastest visible spectrum. The eight tube/wand is again a complete seven colours encompassing the full colour spectrum.

Healers/Practitioners set:

This the deluxe set is available to all practitioners and healers who work with the vibrations of colour and crystals and for those who have the budget. In fact this set is my most popular  as its set in antique wooden box; this set consists of twelve colour/crystal tube/wands. Each with a specific colour and crystal purpose. Complete with booklet and maintenance plan with each set created. Its application is not only limited to view through your kaleidoscope but also for body work as explained in the booklet that accompanies this set.


Although we endeavor to create the same or similar box style through out our range, we cannot always guarantee uniformity as these products are crafted by hand and made to order. We do promise though that we will go out of our way to guarantee customer satisfaction with great service from start to finish.


Antique box sets

Turn your old cutlery box into a magical kaleidoscope set




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